Central High School provides students an alternative path to a high school diploma.  Utilizing online courses aligned to the Ohio Department of Education Standards and Course of Study, students work to bridge skill gaps and earn credits in a supportive and focused environment. The program provides for a minimum of five hours of instructional time.


Mission Statement

mission statement

Our mission is to enable students to have a second chance at achieving their American Dream by providing an experientially focused education program combined with individualized support to address their specific needs, resulting in earning a high school diploma, access to higher education and technical certifications to secure a good paying job.

Our Philosophy


We understand that every student learns differently.  We believe each student has the potential for greatness if given the right resources, tools, and opportunities.  We will work with each student to create a customized pathway to graduation and a job.  These pathways are designed around the students’ personal situation and learning objectives with a focus on providing foundational, experiential learning opportunities.